WWE has always sought to dominate whatever field it has played on. It was a dominant entity in the northeastern United States when it first began running under the Capitol Wrestling Corporation banner in the mid 1900’s. Once the business was bought by Vince McMahon, Jr from his father, national dominance was the goal. This movement led to the death of the regional territory system in the United States. Decades later, WWE has become a transformed from a professional wrestling company to a sports and entertainment media conglomerate with a global reach.

WWE still wants to conquer the world. With the formation of groups like All Elite Wrestling and the resurrection and restructuring of companies like the National Wrestling Alliance and Major League Wrestling respectively, WWE seems to be up to some of the old tricks of a past competitor: World Championship Wrestling. WWE is seeking to lure its competition’s top wrestlers away from them and bring them to Stamford, CT. One can only fathom what the result of these acquisitions will be.

Years ago, AJ Styles made his WWE debut after leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling. Styles has done plenty in WWE since arriving there including capturing two WWE World championships. On the flip side, there is EC3. He wrestled under the name Derrick Bateman in NXT until he was released in 2013. After some time on the indies, he landed in TNA (now Impact Wrestling) and would become its top stars over the years. He signed with WWE after being released by Impact Wrestling in 2018. He has accomplished virtually nothing in WWE since his return.

The latest rumor floating around the wrestling world is WWE COO Triple H is obsessed with signing New Japan legend Kazuchika Okada. Okada is an amazing wrestling. His matches with Hiroshi Tanahashi are nothing short of legendary. He is a five-time IWGP champion and holds records for the longest reign and most consecutive defenses. His legend has spread to these shores as he has won several awards from legendary American publication Pro Wrestling Illustrated including being ranked number one in the prestigious PWI 500. With all that he has accomplished, a westward voyage may interest Okada. He would be performing in the biggest wrestling company in the world. If we could give Okada advice, we’ve got two words for him:

Go for it.

At 32 years old, Okada is probably in his wrestling prime. He has accomplished so much in his career that maybe a Western excursion would do him some good. This may be the perfect time. His puroresu legacy is all but secured but Okada should be able to showcase his talents on this side of the globe as well. The potential dream matches that could be signed with Okada’s signing are endless. The potential for those matches happening in Japan are just as intriguing.

It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. An Okada signing could be the next step at WWE’s plan for global domination. Their NXT UK brand started off with the crowning of the NXT United Kingdom champion in a tournament. From there, it has grown by leaps and bounds and has become just as important as its American counterpart. NXT was once a developmental league. Now, it has become a brand just a few steps behind RAW and Smackdown.

What better way to further that cause than an NXT brand based in Japan and who better to lead that charge than Okada? There are so many positive things that can come from a WWE-Okada partnership. So if the opportunity arises once Okada’s New Japan contract expires, he’d be wise to look into the venture.

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Former profession wrestler turned actor. Love the sport, hate the business.

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