This past Friday, pro wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg made his way to Smackdown. Goldberg was there to tell the world “WHO’s NEXT?”. Would we see yet another match with Brock Lesnar? Maybe he was going to give Big E the dream match he has spoken of lately? Who would Goldberg be going after?

WWE Universal champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

Yes, Bray Wyatt. Wyatt has been quite the character since debuting on the main roster of WWE. From Wyatt Family leader to WWE World champion and now the Universal champion, Wyatt has done exceptionally well and surpassed all expectations. Now, Wyatt gets to step into the ring with the man who is the owner of one of the game’s most famous streaks. On paper, it looks to be an interesting matchup. Truth be told, it would be more interesting had this match happened 20 years ago. There are so many questions to be raised after the signing of this match but the question on my mind is this:

Is a match with Goldberg not only risky business for WWE as well as Bray Wyatt?


I ask this question because of Goldberg’s unpredictability and penchant for not only hurting his opponents but hurting himself as well. Wrestling legends like Curt Hennig and Haku have suffered injures at Goldberg’s hands. The most infamous injury Goldberg caused had to be to wrestling legend Bret “Hit Man” Hart. Equally as reckless as he is strong, Goldberg landed a kick to Bret Hart’s head during a match at WCW Starrcade 1999. The kick ended Hart’s career. Goldberg continued injuring people in WWE as well. Ray Gordy – son of Freebird Terry Gordy – served as security during an in-ring segment and grabbed Goldberg by the wrist. Goldberg responded with a shoulder thrust to Gordy’s face and subsequently broke his nose.


For all the amazing things he’s done, another stain on Goldberg’s legacy had to be his penchant for injuring himself. Days after injuring Hart, Goldberg tried fighting a limousine by punching its windows. Goldberg broke one of the windows and the glass tore a tendon in his wrist. The result was a bloody mess that had to be seen to be believed. Twenty years later, Goldberg faced The Undertaker at last year’s SUPER SHOWDOWN. And while it wasn’t the first time, Goldberg ran headfirst into a ring post and gave himself a concussion. A dazed and confused Goldberg continued to battle “The Phenom” but was no match for him and lost via pinfall.

WWE is in a financial bind these days. More than a week ago, their co-Vice Presidents either quit or were fired depending on which story you believe. As a result, WWE stocks tumbled nearly 25% in a day. Live attendance has decreased as well as the number of WWE Network subscribers. There’s an old saying that states when it rains in pours. The possibility of one of its top champions and most popular wrestlers being injured by a wrestler who is past his prime but reckless as ever is a flash flood waiting to happen.

Kudos to WWE for wanting to maintain and strengthen its relationship with business partners in the Middle East. Props due to them for wanting to entertain fans on the other side of the world. In this case, the risk may not be worth the reward.

Published by Planet Velvet

Former profession wrestler turned actor. Love the sport, hate the business.

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