Why Bayley Must Win At WrestleMania.


The Smackdown Women’s championship is a shade under five years old. Created to be a counterpart to the RAW Women’s championship, the title has been held by a who’s who of women’s wrestlers on the current WWE roster.

Bayley currently reigns as a two-time Smackdown Women’s champion. As champion, she currently holds two records in the championship’s brief history. Her current reign is the longest reign in the history of the belt.   She also has the distinction of having the most combined days as Smackdown Women’s champion ever. After saying all of that, here is the question: when you think of the Smackdown Women’s championship, is Bayley the first name that comes to mind?

Probably not.

Bayley’s most recent reign began at the expense of the most celebrated woman on either of WWE’s Women’s rosters today – Charlotte Flair. The same Charlotte Flair who is currently on Smackdown. The same Charlotte Flair who won this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble match. The same Charlotte Flair who chose to compete for the NXT Women’s championship as opposed to the Smackdown Women’s championship at WrrestleMania. Certainly, there is more of a buzz about the prospect of Charlotte challenging Rhea Ripley at “The Showcase of The Immortals”. However, Charlotte’s decision can easily be interpreted as a snub.

For all the history Bayley has made and is making as champion, the winner of the Royal Rumble has no interest in challenging for her championship. As a result, a Bayley title defense could be regulated to the WrestleMania Kickoff Show. No matter who she faces or where on the card her match is, a Bayley victory (in impressive fashion) is a must not only for Bayley’s growing legacy, but the legacy of her championship as well. So far, WrestleMania looks to be a forgettable card on paper. This provides the perfect opportunity for Bayley to come through with a performance for the ages. If not, her title reign could lose its luster and her championship could easily be regulated the third-tier status.

Published by Planet Velvet

Former profession wrestler turned actor. Love the sport, hate the business.

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